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DCS Ltd understands that the prevalence of financial crime can be a substantial threat to a company’s development and bottom line. Over the past 30 years or so it has also become of increasing concern to this government and governments throughout the world as it can pose a real risk to the development of economies and the stability of some countries. Financial crime can be defined as fraud, false accounting, money laundering, terrorism financing, computer or cyber-crime, bribery and corruption, market abuse and insider dealing.

There are two main areas of risk for a company.

Firstly, where there is an attempt to obtain economic gain by deceit such as by fraud (including cyber-crime), insider dealing, false accounting, theft, and other acquisitive criminal offences. Unless a company has processes and controls in place to mitigate these risks, the existence of the company could be under threat. For example, employees from the most senior to the most junior may steal or have an opportunity to steal company funds and other assets. In addition, fraud on the company can be perpetrated by a customer, supplier, a contractor, or indeed by a person with no known connection to the company. Increasingly however, those people from outside the company who are committing fraud are inevitably colluding with an employee to achieve their aims and to obtain wealth or commercial advantage more easily. The threats to your company can be both domestic and international, and in many fraud cases come from within the company itself, and from any level.

Secondly, there are those areas of crime committed by a third person that could involve a company unwittingly being used to launder stolen money, to handle the funds of terrorists, or to evade some other laws or regulations. The police, HM Customs & Excise, and the regulators for the monitor these areas and non-compliance with the law and the individual regulations may lead to administrative or even criminal sanctions to a company being applied.

The UK Anti-Money Laundering Regulations 2007 can place an onerous burden on those companies within the regulated sector and we have extensive experience in helping institutions and companies comply with their requirements. We appreciate the risks that companies can be faced with and can provide advice, assistance, and training to help you understand and mitigate them, and help you comply with the appropriate laws and regulations.

Please continue to read how we can help and then CONTACT US to discuss your individual requirements.

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Our Services

DCS Ltd understands that the prevalence of financial crime can be a substantial threat to a company’s development and bottom line.. MORE...

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Simon Goddard is a specialist in anti money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism, compliance with international sanctions, financial investigation and asset tracing, and the provision of training in those areas. MORE....


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